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Just so you know I was part of the computer revolution as an early adopter, always with the newest stuff. But for a long time I resisted getting a smart phone.(AP Photo/file)

Just so you know I was part of the computer revolution as an early adopter, always with the newest stuff. I was even part of the original CNET launch team. But I had also ended up with a collection full of outdated gadgets.

So for a long time I resisted buying even a cell phone. And when I did, I got a basic flip phone, better at cracking nuts than conducting phone conversations. But I was determined to resist a smart phone.

Finally, I was told there are times when we need to get in touch, there are messages we must send you, news you must be able to read no matter where you are, and so I reluctantly said, ‘Set it up, put it in my hand, I will take it.’ And they did.

Now I have an iPhone 5. And I realize why I hated the idea. Because I am now carrying it everywhere to read the newspaper, listen to radio, and take notes. I use the maps, the bus tracker, the camera. I’ve used it as a flashlight, and I have the piano.

Sometimes I turn it on hoping it will just up and suggest new things for me to do with it. It has become chewing gum for the fingers.

At least I have resolved to hang on to that last shred of dignity and not use it in public places. I will not be one of those who sits in the restaurant, not paying attention to the person with them, but instead looking down at their hand. I will not use it in movie theaters, or in the bathroom.

EMILIE (KNOCK): Dad? Are you playing with that phone again?

DAD: No! (OK I have to go. How do you turn this off?)

EMILIE: Don’t forget to flush!

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