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Dennis Rodman – where are you?

Dennis Rodman, are you interested in smoothing this one over? (AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca)

I thought we were friends with North Korea finally. NBA legend Dennis Rodman, wearing a lip ring and two nose rings – got to meet him. And even brought back a reassuring message:

“What he (Kim Jong Un) did say though was, if you could only ask Obama to call me,” Rodman said on a political talk show after returning from North Korea.

But instead, the President chooses to communicate in a slightly different way.

The United States flew two B-2 bombers 6,500 miles from their bases in Missouri over South Korea, according to CBS’ Military consultant Jeff McCausland.

At which point North Korea’s main TV anchor let us have it. “The foreign ministry informs the security counsel that the Korean Peninsula is now in a touch and go situation due to the nuclear war provocation of the U.S. and South Korea.”

Now the hotline between North and South Korea is cut, and we’re waiting to see if North Korea actually tries to fuel its long range missiles.

We wonder – can there ever be a time when its not up to us to put out some fire somewhere?

Answer: no.

“We will unequivocally defend and we are unequivocally committed,” said Defense Secretary Hagel.

The West Coast need not head to the bomb shelters yet. General Martin Dempsey says, so far, “We haven’t seen anything that would cause us to believe their movements other than consistent with historic training exercises.”

But Asia expert Gordon Chang says that’s because we have military exercises underway, “When we fall back to a normal state of readiness the North Koreans will probably strike in some way.”

Hey – what’s Shaquille O’Neal doing next week?

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