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Sound Transit being sued for rejecting ad

Airport workers speak at a press conference. (Image courtesy Working Washington)

Sound Transit is being sued for refusing to display ads
about low-paid Sea-Tac Airport workers on its link trains.

“It’s an ad that relates to a unionization effort and was
deemed to be something that is a source of conflict and
debate in our society,” said Jeff Patrick, with Sound
Transit. “Our advertising policy steers clear of those
kinds of advertisements.”

The ad reads, “Let’s make all airport jobs good jobs.”

“The 4,000 poverty-wage workers at Sea-Tac think you
should know about working conditions at our airport,” said
a release from Working
. “There is no problem with the ad, the
problem is poverty wages at our airport. Let’s make all
jobs at the airport good jobs.”

Working Washington says the ad rejection is a violation of
First Amendment free speech rights and plans to fight
Sound Transit.

“They’ve sort of singled out this particular ad for some
reason that we’re unclear about and sort of arbitrarily
decided not to run this ad,” said Working Washington
Communication Specialist Thea Levkovitz. “That violates
first amendment rights of the workers and it’s in clear
violation of their policy.”

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