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Tacoma police search for McDonald’s kidnapper

A failed kidnapping in Tacoma ended with a woman in intensive care as police search for her attacker.

It happened early Friday morning as the victim walked home from her overnight shift at a Pacific Avenue McDonald’s when she was hit by the suspect’s vehicle.

After the man struck the victim, he grabbed the woman and tried pulling her into his pickup truck. The struggle caught the attention of a man walking nearby, and the suspect fled the scene leaving the woman behind.

The suspect’s co-workers say it’s not the first time McDonald’s workers have been targeted in the area.

“I’ve been harassed, people try to get me in the car and [I] had to be on the phone with the police the whole day or they’d come take me to work,” a McDonald’s co-worker told King-TV on Saturday.

The victim is in the hospital with severe injuries, which include a broken collar bone, leg and back.

Police are looking for a dark-skinned man in his late 20s. He’s about six-feet tall and has short curly hair. He was driving a dark blue Chevy pickup truck with a broken back window. The license plate possibly ended with the number “10” and the letter “N”.

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