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Monopoly gets a new playing piece; loses an old classic

The newest Monopoly playing piece will be a cat. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

The masses have chosen and an online vote for a new Monopoly playing piece has selected: a cat.

“Of course because the new playing piece was picked by the internet, it is of course a cat,” says KIRO Radio’s Luke Burbank.

A recent promotion by Monopoly asked internet users to vote on which classic token between the car, the thimble, the shoe, the Scotty dog, the battleship, the hat, the iron or the wheelbarrow, was to be removed, and which of a variety of new tokens was to be introduced.

The new options were a robot, a ring, a cat, a helicopter, and a guitar. Burbank thinks the cat got an unfair swing because of internet fans’ affinity for felines.

“The internet loves cats. People who are on the internet a lot they love cats, they love bacon, they love other things that they see as ironic,” says Burbank. “I’m actually slightly surprised the playing piece wasn’t a piece of bacon.”

The classic playing piece lost will be the iron.

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