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Mariners Insider Podcast: Covering all the bases

By Shannon Drayer

Hey look! It's a podcast! Hopefully a weekly podcast. Something new!

The podcast will be a way for me to get things that perhaps you missed into one place at the end of the week. Snippets of interviews from the pre and post game shows, insider reports and segments from 710 ESPN Seattle, answers to questions in the comment section on the blog and things that have been cluttering my recorder that never made it to air. No doubt there will be some story telling as well. Perhaps some road stories. Tell me what you want to hear and I will try to accommodate.

This week we hear from a number of players and managers including some very interesting insight from Joe Maddon who perhaps tipped his hand about a trade that never happened. We look at what I thought was an important test from Roenis Elias and hear from Chris Young on how he uses scouting reports and numbers.

On the lighter side of things you will hear me nearly put James Jones in a bad spot with the help of Robinson Cano in a clip that never made it to air as well as learn what the new – and incredibly unlikely – victory song is for the Mariners.

Check it out and feel free to let me know what you would like hear in the future.


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