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Just calmly getting ready

You might think the gun community is, dare I say, up in arms about a possible assault weapons ban, but cruising the Internet, they seem to be taking it calmly and just preparing for it.

“In today’s video, we thought that we would explore the idea – if you had to buy five guns to prepare for a potential assault weapons ban,” says a YouTube published gun expert.

And they already know which guns will be targeted first: the AR-15s.

“This is going to be the number one gun that they’ll be coming for because it looks evil.”

But no need to panic, because you can just buy the core part of the gun, the lower receiver, as it’s called, which is maybe $150, as many as you want, and and just add the other parts later.

“Now see, this is what is considered the gun, this lower receiver. Now under an assault weapons ban if you’ve got 10 of these laying around all you have to do is buy the uppers and everything else is the same because that receiver was grandfathered in, in such case because it was purchased before the assault weapons ban.

And you definitely want to stock up on the high capacity magazines.

“These magazines, they sell for like $15, when the ban comes back you can sell them for a hundred bucks a piece. You need to stock up – not only on guns – but stock up on the accessories as well.”

I have to say, they don’t sound a bit worried. So there you have it – whether there’s an assault weapons ban or not, it sounds like there are still ways to maintain an arsenal – and even make a little extra money.

Exterior photo courtesy Iraqveteran8888’s Facebook page

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