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Fair warning, kids

It's just the price of living in a heavily armed nation - that what used to be cute, isn't anymore. (AP Photo/File)

At Roscoe Nix Elementary in Silver Spring Maryland, Rodney Lynch, age 6, has been reprieved. But for a while he was in pretty big trouble.

On December 20th, six days after the shooting in Connecticut, he was, as he puts it, fooling around.

“I went into my desk, and I got scissors and I just pretended it was a gun,” said Rodney.

That got him immediately sent to the office. He got his scolding, and went back to first grade class, but then he did it again, and finally another student, a little girl made a gun gesture at HIM and said “POW”, he did it a third time.

“She did the pow sound and I just went like that! And then I got sent to the office again. I’m the one that gets suspended for just nothing,” Rodney told a local news station.

The school argues it was Rodney who made the “pow” sound, and that he had been warned such things are inappropriate. That’s why he was suspended the following day.

His parents are saying, come on, he’s just a cute little kid.

“They’re saying ‘He threatened a student. He threatened to shoot a student.’ He was just playing,” said his dad.

His mom agreed, “I don’t think the punishment fits the crime.”

Rodney said his teacher even wanted to know what video games he played. Which come to think of it, would be interesting to know.

But good news for Rodney – the school system has decided to expunge his first grade rap sheet. This will not follow him for life, except for all the stories about him on the internet. It’s just the price of living in a heavily armed nation – that what used to be cute, isn’t anymore.

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