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Watch: Mila Kunis interview straddles the line between endearing, embarrassing

As part of her publicity duties for her movie "Oz the Great and Powerful," actress Mila Kunis who plays one of the witches did a round of junket interviews. She's received a lot of positive reaction to the way she handled a nervous rookie reporter for the BBC, Chris Stark.

Stark told her about his "lads" down at the pub, and after a quick detour into a discussion of football,(soccer,) the discussion returns to alcohol.

More than half-way through the interview, the movie's publicist tells Kunis to talk about the film, so she rattles off a bunch of pat answers to questions she's heard all day, and then wraps up the interview saying it was her best all day.

This interview of course has gone viral and Kunis is earning a lot of kudos for her just one of the lads attitude. And Stark is also earning some praise for his skill at eliciting some real responses from a celebrity actress.

Endearing or embarrassing? I find it excruciating to watch because Stark is so awkward - and she's toying with him. But I do think it's true, his very awkwardness breaks through the artificialty of most celebrity interviews.

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