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Double check your bungee cord America, it looks like we’re going over

Dave Ross' question is whether this female superiority can really survive politics. (AP Photo/File)

The President is off to Hawaii, with no resolution to the fiscal cliff talks in sight.

Leading us to wonder, what if women were in charge? A group of female senators told ABC’s Diane Sawyer women would’ve gotten results by now. Maybe they’re right.

I could see President Hillary and Speaker Palin going arm in arm to the ladies room and coming back with a solution.

In fact earlier this year, the Harvard Business Review surveyed over 7,200 business executives and found that women were hands-down better leaders than men. Not just because they’re more nurturing and collaborative, but on almost every other leadership benchmark: initiative, self-development, integrity, honesty, getting results, building relationships.

It’s all women, women, women.

And I don’t doubt those results for a moment. My question is whether this female superiority can really survive politics. Whatever superior instincts women bring, the only way you get to keep your job in politics, male or female, is by winning elections. We don’t choose our leaders by consensus, or by discernment, we elect them, and the way you win elections is by beating the competition’s brains out, and that attracts a certain type of person.

And there ARE women in the negotiations! Fiscal supercommittee member Senator Patty Murray said, “We are not going to accept an unfair deal that hurts middle class America and protects the wealthiest Americans. Period.”

She will beat your brains out.

Perhaps in a more nurturing way than a man would, but as her string of defeated challengers can tell you, it hurts just as much.

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