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Seattle gets even mellower


In the State of Washington, weed is officially legal as of today, and a heavy aroma spread from the base of the Space Needle, where a midnight celebration broke out.

But the question is will law-abiding residents, such as myself, really feel free to to boot the gong? Fire up the Sweet Lucy?

Because you see, even though the cops won’t arrest you anymore for possession of an ounce or less of pure pot, or 72 ounces or less of marijuana-infused cooking oil, unless you’re a medical marijuana patient, there’s no legal way right now to get that stuff.

Your rights under Washington’s new marijuana laws

If you’re caught buying it, selling it, or growing it, you still can get arrested. According to the city attorney, if the police see you passing a joint to a friend, it’s still illegal.

Which means rule-bound people like me will not be adding “Everybody Must Get Stoned” to the iPod anytime soon:

In fact, based on my analysis, until the state completes its year-long rulemaking process, the only way to legally get marijuana would be if a drug smuggling plane loses its cargo over my house. Or if I invite a medical marijuana patient to dinner, and inhale his second hand smoke. But I could not touch his brownies. I would have to cook my own, using the perfectly legal 72 ounces of marijuana-infused oil that also happened to land in my yard.

In the meantime we wait, while the feds figure out how to bust the whole state.

If they’re smart, they’ll legalize and tax it, too.

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