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Now another General

The Pentagon is now investigating General John Allen -- the man who took over for General David Petraeus in Afghanistan -- because of what are being called "inappropriate communications." (AP Photo/file)

The Pentagon is now investigating General John Allen, the man who took over for General David Petraeus in Afghanistan, because of what are being called “inappropriate communications.”

General Allen exchanged at least 20,000 pages of emails over three years with Jill Kelley. Jill Kelley is the woman who in turn received what she considered threatening anonymous e-mails from Paula Broadwell, who apparently thought Kelley might be muscling in on her own inappropriate relationship with General David Petraeus.

And a stunned nation wonders — how long before they are linked to Kevin Bacon.

But there’s more. The FBI agent that Mrs. Kelley complained to about the threatening e-mails from Mrs Broadwell — once sent shirtless pictures of himself to Mrs. Kelley.

He was taken off the case, but kept poking around anyway, and finally tipped off a member of Congress because of his “worldview” that there are people in the government determined to protect President Obama at all costs.

Talk about the fog of war.

What’s fascinating is that the Internet is full of Paula Broadwell interviews, because she was on a book tour at about the time this affair was going on, and you hear stuff like this, from the Imus show:

“He must have liked you obviously, and you obviously liked him I guess,” said Imus.

“Yeah we had a lot of rapport,” said Broadwell. “I think some of that comes from a love of running, an interest in counterinsurgency warfare.”

And this from deep in the CSPAN archives:

“I asked if I could interview him on the run. Needless to say I didn’t transcribe that interview. It didn’t really turn out. It was a bunch of heavy breathing.”

Book TV — must-see television.

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