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How many stars are on the flag?

This presidential election is all about Ohio. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

I know you’re annoyed by all the calls and the ads, but do you realize what it’s like in Ohio, where voting has already started?

They have voting patrols.

“Anyone need to vote? Anyone need to vote?” shouted the head of the local Democratic party, cruising the streets of Youngstown, Ohio offering to drive people to the polls.

The Romney people are busy too.

“Sometime this week, we will have eclipsed our 6 millionth voter contact,” said campaign director Scott Jennings.

Six million is more than half the population of Ohio. Probably annoying to Ohioans, but the rest of us are feeling a little left out. Barack Obama has been to Ohio 22 times. He woos her like a lover.

“I need you Ohio,” Obama has said. “America needs you Ohio.”

Poor Michelle. Mitt Romney he’s been there 35 times, seventeen times in the last 30 days.

“We need to make sure that Ohio is able to send a message loud and clear,” said Romney.

And you know why this happens? Because Ohioans are smarter than the rest of us. When the pollsters call up Ohioans and ask, “Who you gonna vote for?” Ohioans say “I dunno.” “No idea. Gotta mull it over.” “I’m undecided.”

And as a result:

“This election is not about me. It’s not about the Republican party,” said Romney.

It’s about Ohio.

In fact, it may be about Tuscarawas County, which is officially a swing county. In fact, it may be about this woman, Laurie Chapman who was interviewed in Tuscarawas County.

“I always vote. I never miss a chance to vote. But I’m going to go out and vote especially this year because I want my vote to count,” said Chapman.

Don’t worry, Laurie, your vote will count. It’s the rest of us I wonder about.

Maybe there are two states in America. New Hampshire nominates the people Ohio elects. The rest of us can go suck it.

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