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More gang activity in Washington DC

As sure as the earth revolves around the sun, and the solar system hurtles through the Milky Way, the US Government is tumbling toward the fiscal cliff, a man-made precipice constructed entirely of negative numbers, which will force huge government spending cuts, and hit 88 percent of taxpayers with a tax increase averaging $3500.

It may sound hopeless, but help is on the way!

“CBS News has learned that a select group of US Senators who call themselves the Gang of Eight will meet for the next three days in Virginia at Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington.”

And under the steely gaze of the Father of our Country this gang of four republicans and four democrats — will try to steer us away from the fiscal cliff.

Just as back in 2010, the 18 member Simpson-Bowles committee tried to do it.

And just last year the 12 member Supercommittee tried to do it.

And now the Gang of Eight will try.

At least the gangs are getting smaller.

By the way, the other development on the fiscal front is that according to the latest Obama Ad. We finally know who to blame for the government’s money troubles.

At least the president managed to milk something out of that debate.

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