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October 2016 Charity of the Month: King County Sexual Assault Resource Center

The King County Sexual Assault Resource Center has been named Bonneville Seattle’s Charity of the Month for October. KCSARC provides sexual assault-related services for people of all ages in King County while simultaneously working toward the ultimate goal of eliminating sexual violence and abuse from our communities.

KCSARC brings specialized skills and insights from each area to provide the comprehensive resources victims require for recovery and success as a survivor. This non-profit organization has developed, utilized, and even received both regional and national recognition for its innovative prevention programs and approaches to serving victims and their families.

KCSARC’s mission is to give voice to victims, create change in beliefs, attitudes and behaviors about violence, and instill courage for people to speak out about sexual assault. For more information about the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center and how you can help, visit

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