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The snuggler

Jacqueline Samuel will snuggle with guests for $60 per hour in her New York cottage. She says she is “passionate about touch” and wants to bring “non-sexual touch” to America.

“The Snuggler” sounds like a Batman villain. But it’s actually Jacqueline Samuel, age 29, who is now pushing the boundaries of the massage industry by providing full-body snuggles.

“Really, what I’m really offering is my presence, and my body being present next to another person’s body,” says Jacqueline.

Her business is called the Snuggery, and for $60, she will lead you upstairs in her little cottage outside Rochester, NY for a snuggle.

“The bottom floor has a TV, a big fireplace, and couches, and a table. Upstairs is where most of the snuggling happens and that has essential oils, and lavender burning, and a bed,” says Jacqueline.

And once upstairs, you will both put on pajamas, and snuggle – non sexually – for an hour. Hugging is fine. Use of the legs is okay.

“Leg snuggling – absolutely. Frequently, when we’re facing each other, our legs are intertwined,” says Jacqueline.

It’s perfectly fine as long as it stays non-sexual. But what if the snuglee’s reflexes take over?

“Arousal happens, and it’s a normal physiological response, you can’t really do anything about it. I’m just very clear about the boundaries,” says Jacqueline.

Describing herself as a small woman, Jacqueline would seem to open herself up to unsafe situations, but she says her clients are perfectly considerate.

“I’ve never had a problem, I’ve never felt unsafe,” says Jacqueline, “I’ve never even been borderline feeling that way.”

It’s all perfectly innocent. Although I did ask whether her married clients tell their wives that they innocently spent an hour at her place snuggling non-sexually.

“I can only speculate, but I would say no,” says Jacqueline.

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