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Move on? Not so fast!

Last March, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he had the
smoking gun behind Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

“Probable cause exists that forgery and fraud may have
been committed,” said Arpaio.

The sheriff’s lead investigator Mike Zullo, was himself
horrified by what he found.

“Oh my God. Nobody wants to think this is happening in
their country,” said Zullo.

Zullo even released an e-book on the case, selling for
$10, detailing how it was done and 1,200 people petitioned
Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who launched his
own investigation.

When a reporter asked: If you don’t get an answer from
Hawaii in time, will you remove the president from the

Bennett said: That’s possible.

But yesterday, Hawaii again supplied the evidence and
the Secretary of State backed down.

“They verified that they had the certificate and I
think we all should move on.”

Except now, Obama supporters have some demands of
their own, including an online petition asking Bennett to
look into whether Mitt Romney is a unicorn.

Yes, a petition signed by more than ten times as many
people as e-mailed about the birth certificate. Bennett
dismisses this as ridiculous:

“That’s ridiculous,” said Bennett.

But, if you go to there’s a very clear
computer image of a certain Republican candidate with a
bright blue horn.


It’s probably fraudulent, although, if he WAS a
unicorn, that would pretty much prove he never could’ve
hazed anybody, because he would’ve been too busy spreading

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