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Kids’ reaction to new Disney movie may not be what you expect

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” is the latest movie from Disney. While Disney flicks are typically a safe choice for kids, a couple parents captured a reaction to the film from their two boys that you might find surprising.

Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you don’t want to know film’s ending

In a video recorded by the parents, the boys are seen in the back of the car sobbing so hard they can barely speak.

“He had to die. I didn’t want him to,” cried the children. “It was just so sad.”

“This goes on and on and on because this character they’ve invested their emotions in had to die,” says Seattle Morning News host Bill Radke.

A woman in the vehicle tries to explain it’s all part of the circle of life, but the boys don’t seem OK with this.

Radke says he completely understands where the kids are coming from.

“I completely felt for these kids,” says Radke. “Do you remember when you realized that you were going to die and your parents were going to die? Do you remember that? Because I sure as hell do I was about the age of these kids. I was wrecked.”

Hearing the parents laughing in the background, Radke is shocked. He thinks its not OK that they’re recording the kids trauma.

But co-host Tom Tangney sees the humor as a parent.

“I completely relate with the parents,” says Tom. “There are so many moments in a parents life where they are just relishing the moment as parents because kids are overreacting – I don’t get a candy bar, oh my God. They throw themselves – the parents have this perspective on these kids and they’re recording it for posterity.”

Radke still says posting the video publicly is way too much.

Watch the trailer for “The Odd Life of Timothy Green:”

Listen to full Seattle Morning News conversation:


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