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Your stereotypes on Google display

“Why is Seattle so rainy?” is a question many ask on Google. (AP Photo/file)

I told you on Seattle’s Morning News Tuesday morning about an experiment by a blogger named Renee DiResta. She wanted to know how people from different parts of America stereotype each other, so she went to the Google search box and typed in: “Why is Georgia so”, “Why is Indiana so”, “Why is Oregon so”, and let Google’s auto-correct finish the sentence. The responses are based on its most common searches.

For Georgia, the #1 question is “why is Georgia so hot?” followed by “why is Georgia so racist?” The top question for Indiana is “why so boring? Oregon, why so liberal?

The top questions about us are: “Why is Washington so rainy?” and “Why is Seattle so rainy?,” followed by, Why is Seattle so white, so cold, so gloomy, so expensive, so liberal, so unfriendly, so great and so depressing?

It’s addicting. Why is Mount Rainier so dangerous? Why is America so fat?

For some reason, when you type, “why is Tacoma so” you get nothing at all. Try it.

Tell me what you type and what you find.

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