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An open letter to KIRO Radio staff, listeners, and advertisers

I'm turning in my equipment and leaving the KIRO Radio family December 20th. My decision to leave KIRO and the media was a tough one, but I'm optimistic as I begin a new chapter in my life with a career change early in 2014.

My Dear KIRO:

You’re the reason I moved to Seattle 26 years ago. You’ve had a tremendous impact on me professionally and personally. I am grateful.

You’re the home of the most creative, curious, fascinating and funny people I’ve worked with in broadcasting. I know there will never be another workplace quite like this one. Please, keep in touch.

Your listeners and advertisers are loyal, smart people. Many have become close friends. It’s been my pleasure to connect with them.

I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words throughout my media career. Now, on my last day in broadcasting, there are only two words left to say to my KIRO family…

Thank You!

Love ya,


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