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49ers fans raise enough money for taunting Seattle billboard

San Francisco 49ers fans have collected more than $9,000 to pay for a billboard near CenturyLink Field where the Seahawks play. They'll continue raising money with the excess going to charity. (Website screen grab)

San Francisco 49er fans have raised more than $9,000 to purchase a billboard taunting our Seattle Seahawks.

Football rivalry between the two teams goes beyond the playing field.

Seahawks fans purchased a brick at the new stadium that will replace Candlestick Park in San Francisco. They also raised enough money to fly a 12th Man flag over the stadium during the last Hawks-Niners match up, which the Seahawks lost.

49ers faithful fan Aasheesh Shravah is behind the effort to purchase a billboard near the Seahawks stadium. The ad features the San Francisco team’s five Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophies and asks the question, “How many do you have?”

Zero is the answer for the Hawks…so far.

According to the fundraising website, the San Francisco fans want to keep the ad visible in Seattle for the month of January during playoff games. No word yet on whether an outdoor ad has actually been purchased.

They have collected $9,057 and will continue raising money and donate excess funds to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The rivalry doesn’t end there.

A Seahawks fan wants to do the same thing in San Francisco as a fundraiser for Children’s hospital here, which gets regular visits and support from quarterback Russell Wilson.

Kyna Moore, from Monroe, says in this post on she wants to raise $120,000.

Moore wants a corporate sponsor to step up and pay for a billboard to be placed in San Francisco to promote Seattle Children’s, featuring Wilson and with the caption “Thank you 12th Man for your support.”

Any money raised from her online campaign would go directly to the Seattle hospital.


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