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The top six Seattle swindles people voted for in 2016

(City of Seattle)

This is dedicated to all of the voters in Seattle because you make this all possible! Here are your top six swindles of 2016.

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6)  The Honest Elections Initiative – The Democracy Voucher. Where a brand new bureaucracy is built to force speech.

5)  The new Minimum Wage – why is this a scam? Because it exempts unions.

4) The laughable decision of the Seattle City Council decision to take over the way businesses schedule their employees. The city can’t even schedule overtime for police officers! Guess whose exempt – unions!

3) The insane notion that the Seattle School District has a surprise shortfall of $75 million dollars. It’s a swindle because they’ve know this is coming for years and they have a $789 million dollar budget where the corporate offices suck up $340 million of that money.

2) The continuing and always-escalating approach to homelessness. The solution is always to spend more money rather than restore people’s lives.

1) Sound Transit. Now, it’s a scam for the entire state, but Seattle is gerrymandering the districts so that all they ever need to get is 60 percent of Seattleites to vote for their Initiatives and the entire state ends up paying for it.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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