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The slow government-assisted suicide taking place in Europe

The German, Swedish and European Union flags. (AP)

Government does a lot of things. One of the least understood things that government does is that it creates platforms of behavior. And it also gets addicted to its own narrative. A perfect example just happened in Europe.

And government is a system made up of fallible people who don’t want to be caught up in lies.

Herman: Is the mask coming of those in power in the E.U.?

The leaders in Europe have created a platform of behavior for people who have emigrated from war-torn countries. The platform includes burning down refugee centers and protesting the long-held traditions of their host country. And these governments in Europe, addicted to their own narrative, say that since all cultures are equal, then all ideas are equal.

The Daily Caller described the story of five Afghan teens who gang raped a young man in Sweden. They even posted video of the rape on social media. But these teens aren’t going to be deported.  Sweden says it’s too dangerous for them to be deported.

This is a government addicted to its narrative. They feel they have a duty to keep them in the country. And they can’t look like they did the wrong thing by letting in millions of unscreened individuals into their country. Even if 95 percent of the emigrants adapted to their hosts countries, there would still be 5 percent who did not adapt.

These Afghan boys should be deported. The only response to the beating and gang rape of a boy should be that you have to leave the country. We brought you in, but you didn’t want the home that we provided. We’re sending you back to Afghanistan and you have to deal with the consequences there. I know it’s a brutal reality, but it’s a reality.

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