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Seattle City Council meetings get a little less dull when these guys take the mic

Alex Zimmerman (left) and Sam Bellomio frequently testify before Seattle City Council meetings. The council is considering changes regarding repeatedly rude rants. (Screen grab from

Most city council meetings are procedural and a little on the dull side.

But anyone who’s been to a Seattle City Council meeting is familiar with two residents who always want to make a statement during the public comments.

These two are so difficult to deal with, the council is considering changes to its public testimony rules.

Sam Bellomio was recently slapped with a two week ban from public comment after calling one of the council members a name.

Bellomio often appears with Alex Zimmerman who frequently calls the council members and staff Nazis and other things.

Council members, for the most part, sit patiently waiting for time to tick down on the speakers.

The council wants to amend the public testimony rules so disruptive comments don’t infringe on other people’s rights to speak.

The Stranger reports the new, yet undefined guidelines, will govern repeated noncompliance with council rules for public comment.

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