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Michael Medved


‘Too Christian GOP’ vs. ‘Diverse Democrats’?

Liberals regularly attack the Republican Party as too white, too rich, too male and too old. But the New York Times recently slammed Congressional Republicans as much too Christian. Of 293 Republicans in the House and Senate, 291 identify as Christians, with the two others saying they’re Jewish.

Meanwhile, the Times praised Democrats as “significantly more diverse,” though fully 80.2 percent of the supposedly “diverse” Democrats also said they were Christian, with two-thirds of the rest identifying as Jewish. This heavy representation of Jews among Democrats in Congress reflects the heavy Democratic tilt of Jews in the electorate. Republicans have made significant efforts to attract more Jewish Americans to the conservative cause – and I’ve been proud to take a personal role in those efforts for 30 years.

But family traditions, and the long-standing Democratic identification as the party of the underdog, have kept most Jewish voters as die-hard Dems, despite much stronger GOP support for America’s crucial alliance with Israel.

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