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Did Trump select an attorney general or chaperone?

Senator Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, seems to have survived his confirmation hearing.

Democrats did try to embarrass him. At one point they questioned an award he accepted from a conservative group that takes a hard line on immigration. But he was unapologetic.

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“Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, Joe Lieberman, also have received that award from that institution,” Sessions said.

And then-Senator Lindsey Graham jumped in.

“I too received the Annie Taylor Award,” Graham said. Yeah, I got the award. I went to the dinner and Chris Matthews interviewed me. I’ll do almost anything for a free dinner.”

And that was that.

Sessions went on to assure the senators that he would oppose any attempt by his boss to ban Muslim immigration, and also said that as much as his boss loves waterboarding, as attorney general he would consider it “absolutely” illegal.

In fact, some answers were so un-Trump-like it made me wonder if Trump had actually read the guy’s resume.

Then it hit me. Maybe this is how President-elect Donald Trump protects himself from going too far — he nominates a chaperone for attorney general!

Think about it. He probably realizes by now that following through on repealing Obamacare would leave millions without insurance. And that rounding up illegal workers would mean defaults on home mortgages and kill a lot of small businesses.

And so being able to say “I tried my best folks, but my attorney general says we can’t do those things,” could come in very handy.

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