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White supremacists say they’re watching over Des Moines

Many Des Moines, Washington residents received KKK messages inside a baggie weighted down by small rocks. This photo is from Marie Esch-Radtke who says she lives in a diverse neighborhood that was targeted by the supremacist group.

A flyer, folded and tucked in a Ziploc bag, weighted down by small rocks, landed on a Des Moines woman’s porch.

Inside the bag, a white folded sheet of paper had these words printed: “Sleep well tonight, knowing the UKA is awake.”

The statement is from a white supremacist group called United Klans of America, which was one of the largest Klan organizations in the United States in the 1960s and 70s.

Their website has a series of statements about white pride such as, “There is a sickness that has effected White Americans for quite a number of years the lack of PRIDE! We can help find the cure.”

“I’ve seen so much progress towards post-racialism in my 60 years only to see things regress over the past few years,” says Marie Esch-Radtke, who received one of the Klan messages.

“It made me feel “sad” for how the Zimmerman verdict has divided our society,” she added.

“Why on earth are they in our neighborhood? I don’t want them watching over me,” said another woman who contacted me about the flyer.

Both women say they live in a diverse neighborhood.

A call to the number leads to a voice mail recording, and a message box. An email to the group returned with this message: “Racial Greetings, Congratulations on taking the first step in working for the survival of our Race. Someone will be in contact with you within 48 hours.”

I’ll let you know if I hear what the supremacist group is up to. Why Des Moines, and why now?

There is nothing illegal about leaving flyers on someone’s property.

“It creeps me out,” says another resident.


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