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February 2017 Charity of the Month: MSSCTF

Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force (“MSSCTF”) has been named Bonneville Seattle’s Charity of the Month for February, for their work support for people with Sickle Cell Disease old and young.

MSSCTF is a grass roots non-profit organization made up of families and individuals affected by Sickle Cell Disease trying to make a difference in the community. It isn’t easy to manage a chronic condition like Sickle Cell Disease or to understand how a genetic condition like Sickle Cell trait might affect you. Schools and local community members want to help, but inaccurate information and misconceptions are common, so MSSCTF strives to educate others on chronic conditions like Sickle Cell Disease.

By partnering with families, schools, health care providers and our local communities, MSSCTF are working to ensure that all those affected by sickle cell have the information and support they need. For more information about Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force, visit their website at

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