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Conversations with a 2-year-old is a huge hit for Northwest dad

Convos with a 2 year old reenacts actual conversations between a Vancouver filmmaker and his daughter with the help of a grown man. (Screen grab from Episode 1)

Generations of parents have witness their kids saying “the darndest things.”

A Northwest dad is relaying ordinary conversations he has with his 2 year old in a way that’s catching the attention of millions of people online.

Vancouver B.C. filmmaker Matthew Clarke reenacts actual conversations between himself and his daughter with the help of a grown man.

Sounds strange, but the first episode of “Convos with My 2 Year Old” had more than 4.3 million views on YouTube in one week. He released a second episode this week.

Part of its appeal is that all parents can relate to the sometimes inane discussions we have with kids.

Seeing actor David Milchard wearing a pink barrette and gold heart necklace as he recreates a conversation emphasizes how odd some of our child chats can be.

“I was talking to my daughter months ago, and for a moment I just sort of stepped outside the situation and I realized that this was a crazy conversation,” Clarke told the business publication Fast Company.

“If she had been three feet taller, it would have been completely absurd. But because she’s 2, it was the most normal thing in the world. I thought, ‘There’s comedic potential in that. I should write these down.'”

Clarke’s wife, who is pregnant, plays herself in the first video. Their little girl Coco also makes a cameo appearance in episode one.

There’s another side of this that makes it relatable. Parents sometimes let little bitty kids push their buttons and push them around. Why do we do that?

Coco is a cute pint-sized dictator in the family. For example, she tells her dad he can’t talk to her mom because “she’s the princess.” What does Clarke do? He listens to her and walks away.

Do you remember any of the funny conversations you had with your kids when they were little?


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