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Amanda Knox attempts to set the record straight

Knox's book "Waiting to be Heard" is out Tuesday. (Image courtesy AP/via Harper Collins)

For anyone who thought Amanda Knox was a sexual thrill-seeker and a murderer, she wants to set the record straight.

“I want the truth to come out,” Knox told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an interview that will air tonight (Tuesday.) “I’d like to be reconsidered as a person.”

Knox’s book “Waiting to be Heard” is out today.

Knox, from West Seattle, was a junior at the University of Washington when she decided to spend a year studying abroad in Perugia, Italy.

After her roommate, Meredith Kercher, was found dead with her throat slit in their apartment, Knox never imagined she’d be accused of killing her and tried for the murder in 2007.

“I was in the courtroom when they were calling me a devil,” Knox recalls. “It’s one thing to be called certain things in the media, but that’s another thing, to be sitting in a courtroom, fighting for your life, while people are calling you a devil.”

Diane Sawyer informed her that media around the world called her much more than that.

Sawyer read to her, “‘She-devil with an angel face,’ ‘Sphinx of Perguia.'”

“I haven’t heard those,” Knox replied. “I’ve heard the gist of them and they’re wrong.”

Knox didn’t think her treatment in the media, or in the Italian court system, was fair.

“For all intents and purposes I was a murderer, whether I was – or not. I had to live with the idea that, that would be my life.”

Her 2009 murder conviction was overturned in October of 2011 and she was set free. Returning to Seattle and learning to adjust to a new normal. Her saga is not over though.

In March, an Italian court reversed an earlier decision overturning Knox’s acquittal.

If you are with a book club reading the new book, please contact me.

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