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Seattle’s Mars Hill updates statement on Boston bombings

A woman kneels and prays at the scene of the first explosion on Boylston Street near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon on April 15. (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe)

This afternoon Mars Hill Church in Seattle has clarified its message following the Boston Marathon bombings. This update is from the Mars Hill communications director, Justin Dean:

“We want to be extremely clear on what we’re saying and not saying here. We’re not saying the bombings are a judgment from God against Boston. That would be a horrific thing to say.

What this post does say is that for whoever did this, their actions were ultimately rebellion against God, and this sin caused the deaths of innocent people. And that’s the insanity of it all.

For more on a theology of violence, we’d encourage you to check out Pastor Justin Holcomb’s post in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting.”

Original story:

Even as he prays for those killed and severely injured at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, a pastor of the growing Mars Hill Church offers an explanation for the violence.

“An insane rebellion against our Creator God is the root cause of this murderous action,” writes Pastor David Fairchild in a post shortly after Monday’s explosions.

“We may blame this barbarism on religion, economics, politics, and even mental maladies. Though influential, the underlying sin behind every sin is treason against the One who made us for love and flourishing,” Fairchild writes.

“Sin is insanity and destroys what is good, right, and true. Sin makes no sense, is not rational, nor can be reasoned with. Sin thrives in darkness and hates the light.”

Mars Hill, founded in 1996, is one of the country’s largest nondenominational churches. About 14,000 members attend more than a dozen branches in Washington and three other states.

The church’s conservative views have led to a few controversies. Founding pastor Mark Driscoll supports males as the sole head of a household with women in support roles. Driscoll has called yoga demonic and dismissed Mormonism as a cult.


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