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When a lawn mower is more than just a machine

When I put my old lawnmower away last winter it was sputtering and protesting the thought of running again this year. (Linda Thomas photo)

I realize most people don’t have an emotional attachment to a lawn mower. I do.

I bought my Sears Craftsman mower the same year I got married and the same year we bought our first house – 1991.

It’s not just a mower. It’s a friend who always listens, a counselor, and my version of a yoga instructor.

I mow the lawn at our place. If you want that kind of deal guys you should have married a farmer’s daughter from Iowa like my husband did. Mowing the lawn is as close as I get to farming today.

It takes me about about an hour to mow the lawn. While I’m doing that, I’m thinking about a lot of things, but generally not work.

I think about growing up and how grateful I am for the way my parents raised me. I think about my kids and wonder if they’ll feel this same way.

Saturday, all I was focused on was getting my 22-year-old, rusted out, duct-taped up mower started. Did I mention, I’m also cheap and don’t want to buy a new one?

After 87 pulls of the starter cord it seemed like my old lawn mower was done. But then it started to sputter and turn over. After 15 more pulls, it started.

My friend and I have another year to look forward to together.


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