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Brilliant idea so Seattle Space Needle views won’t be blocked

What Seattle would look like with more Space Needles, as displayed on a new Facebook page floating the idea following view battles with taller buildings proposed for South Lake Union. (Photo illustration by Michael Harthorne, original photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jelson25)

The Space Needle organization has been concerned about views of their Seattle landmark being blocked by taller buildings proposed for South Lake Union.

For every problem, there’s an obvious solution. Duh, just build more Space Needles. In fact, you could string some wires between many needles and fly gondolas over the city too.

“A Space Needle view is the only thing that gives our lives meaning in Seattle,” states the Facebook page Build Additional Space Needles.

A survey released this week by EMC Research – commissioned by the Space Needle – claims a majority of Seattle voters support protecting public views of the landmark from South Lake Union.

The survey found 76 percent supported the idea of “requiring that the new development rules for South Lake Union protect important public views.”

On its website, the Space Needle asks residents to contact City Council members and encourage them to support keeping park and SLU views of the Space Needle as they finalize the zoning rules for the Seattle neighborhood.

But there are a lot of people who don’t have a view of the majestic landmark now.

What about them?

Hence the build additional Space Needles campaign.

People who are having fun with the idea comment, “We need underwater Space Needles as well.” Another readers suggests we build an Eiffel Tower because “it might help us export more Washington wine.”


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