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Refreshingly outrageous comments from Trump now seem ominous

During the campaign, we learned that President Donald Trump needs only a few hours of sleep a night. Although it’s hard to believe with all the fires he’s been putting out he gets even that much.

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In the space of three days, President Trump had to part ways with his national security adviser.

“General Flynn is a wonderful man. I think he has been treated very, very unfairly by the media,” Trump said.

And his pick for secretary of labor, Andrew Puzder, had to withdraw after Republican leaders started turning up too many questions about his character. That included an appearance years ago by his ex-wife in disguise on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where she laid out charges that she has since recanted.

But beyond the personnel problems is a bigger question regarding the extent of the Trump Administration’s relationship with Russia. There seems to be a lingering sense that we don’t know the whole story.

After his news conference with the Israeli Prime Minister, one reporter threw a Hail Mary.

“Mr. President, are you going to answer any questions about your associate’s contact with the Russians during the campaign?”

But he was ignored.

It’s no surprise that minority leader Nancy Pelosi wants an investigation:

“My question to my Republican colleagues is, if you’re not willing to take the first step to look into this, what are you afraid of?”

But a few republicans also have varying degrees of doubt.

The problem is that comments — such as the one below — from the Trump campaign seemed almost charmingly candid at the time.

Sure. When people call you brilliant it’s always good. Especially when the person heads up Russia.

However, comments that seemed so refreshingly outrageous back then, seem a little more ominous now.

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