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UPDATE: ‘Kill list’ boy released to parents’ gun-free home

A 13-year-old Eatonville boy has been charged with four counts of felony harassment. Two of the four Facebook photos he's posted publicly show him posing with a gun. (Facebook photo, image blurred to protect identity of a minor)

UPDATE 2/17/2013

A 13-year-old Eatonville, Wash., boy accused of compiling a “kill list” of fellow students has been released from juvenile detention.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Wendy Zicht required the boy to be under adult supervision 24 hours per day and to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Zicht also ordered all guns to be removed from the boy’s home.

Prosecutors have charged the boy with four counts of felony harassment. He has pleaded not guilty. His next court date is set for Tuesday.


Is a 13-year-old boy who allegedly keeps a list of students he hates a danger? What if he has Facebook photos showing himself with a gun too?

A Pierce County judge won’t let him out of juvenile detention until she’s certain any guns in his house are locked up.

“My son’s name is on that kill list,” a parent who didn’t want me to use his name says. “I can tell you if it were anybody else’s child they’d be worried too. My son doesn’t feel safe. I don’t feel safe. The whole community shouldn’t feel safe.

A week ago Friday, an eighth grade boy was expelled from school after a daily “kill list” was found in a recycle bin in his math classroom at Eatonville Middle School.

The list was one of several the boy kept, according to court documents, to categorize the classmates he liked and the students he was upset with.

Monday, Pierce County prosecutors charged him with four counts of felony harassment because some of the victims said they feared the boy would hurt them.

At a hearing Thursday, Judge Wendy Zicht denied a request to let him out of juvenile detention.

As I reported earlier this week, his family has asked for his release. They promised they would monitor him at home and told the court he has never been in trouble before.

The judge says she’s concerned about two Facebook photos that show the boy wearing camouflage clothing, and holding a gun. If the parents can prove any weapons they have in the home are locked up, she might allow his release Friday.


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