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Eatonville teen who allegedly kept kill lists had access to guns

A 13-year-old Eatonville boy who allegedly kept kill lists of student names in his notebook had access to guns. Pictures publically-posted on his Facebook page show him posing with guns. (Photo via Facebook, identity concealed because his is a minor)

A 13-year-old Pierce County boy kept a list of names of students he wanted to kill in a notebook, and students who he would not kill, according to court documents. There were at least 10 names on the ‘kill list.’

Those documents show the eighth grader also had a list of names of people outside school he’d kill, and a list of people he’d leave alone.

Other boys knew about the teen’s notebook, but he didn’t get into trouble until until his “today’s kill list” ended up in the recycle bin and a principal at Eatonville Middle School found it.

The boy, whom I’m not naming because he is a minor, was taken out of class last Friday, expelled from school and placed in juvenile detention.

Police records indicate the 13-year-old had access to weapons he used for hunting.

Two pictures posted on his Facebook page show him wearing camouflage clothing and posing with handguns. One shows him camping, with his hand resting on a gun in a waist-band holster. In the other, he’s holding the weapon with both hands close to his face. Both were added last fall.

A third publicly-posted photo shows his creativity with a helicopter drawn on the ceiling of a bedroom with the ceiling fan acting as the propeller.

Two impressions of the boy came out in a hearing earlier this week. According to court documents, other students report hearing the teen said, “I’m going to kill you” or “You’re on my kill list.”

His family claims he has never been in trouble before and is not a threat. They urged a judge to release him from juvenile detention and promised to keep an eye on him 24/7, but the judge did not allow that.

Investigators will evaluate him, and will consider his release again during a hearing Thursday.

The Eatonville school district is planning a meeting for Feb. 19 at the high school to review school safety policies. That meeting, with police, was planned before the boy’s alleged kill lists were discovered.


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