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Spoiler: 10 commercials to look for during the Super Bowl

Since the Seahawks aren't in the Super Bowl until 2014, we might as well enjoy some of the commercials this year. (Screen grab from Hyundai's "Space Babies" ad)

Super Bowl XLVIII will feature the Seattle Seahawks, bet on it.

Meantime, here are 10 commercials to watch for in this year’s XLVII match up and the teaser ads each company has already put online.

By the start of the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, people tend to start tuning out the commercials. After seeing the Go Daddy commercial that will air near the end of the game, that may be a good thing, particularly if you’re watching on a full stomach.

Best Buy’s 30-second ad in the first quarter stars Amy Poehler, star of NBC’s “Parks and Rec,” asking a Best Buy employee “lots of questions.”

Kraft enlists Tracy Morgan from NBC’s “30 Rock” to introduce its new Mio Fit water enhancing drops in a 30-second ad during the third quarter.

Hyundai Motor Group’s Kia invents a fanciful way that babies are made, blasting in from a baby planet in its “Space babies” ad for the 2014 Sorento crossover.

First-time advertiser Paramount Farms is touting its Wonderful Pistachios brand of nut in a 30-second ad in the third quarter in its “Get Crackin'” campaign that stars Korean pop sensation Psy.

First-time advertiser Axe’s 30-second ad in the third quarter of the game shows a woman in the ocean getting rescued by a sexy lifeguard, but going for an astronaut instead.

Audi’s 60-second ad in the first quarter, with an ending voted on by viewers, shows a boy gaining confidence from driving his father’s Audi to the prom, kissing the prom queen and getting decked by the prom king.

PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay’s Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” ads are back for the seventh straight year. Two 30-second commercials made by consumers will make it on the air. Fans voted for one winner and Doritos chose the other.

Ford Motor Co. enlisted late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon to choose road trip stories submitted by Twitter with the #steerthescript to base its Super Bowl commercial for Lincoln. The story line for the 30-second ad was developed from 6,117 Tweets about road trips.

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Kate Upton that’s apparently so hot, a parents group is steamed about it. A statement from the Parents Television Council says a Kate Upton ad for Mercedes “isn’t selling cars, it’s selling sexual objectification.” This was the teaser. Many are curious to see the real thing Sunday.

Go Seahawks, Super Bowl 2014!


AP contributed to this report

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