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Oak Harbor councilman tries to take away a vet’s weapon

Oak Harbor City Councilman Rick Almberg passed a motion asking that a citizen at the public meeting surrender his concealed weapon. After the motion failed, Councilman Almberg left the meeting. (Photo, screen grab from January 15, 2013 meeting)

An Oak Harbor City Council Member is accused of overstepping his authority when he asked a man with a concealed weapons permit to surrender his gun saying it was “not needed” at the public meeting.

Lucas Yonkman went to the meeting to listen to a discussion about the city’s gun ban in public parks. He ended up testifying, urging people to support the 2nd amendment.

Watch what happened above. The councilman’s concern about the veteran’s concealed weapon begins about two minutes into the video.

A portion of the Oak Harbor City Council meeting from January 15 was posted online. It’s had more than 82,000 views.


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