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Where do you stand in the great gun debate of 2013?

A man holds an AR-15 semi-automatic riffle at rally in support for gun rights at the Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut. At a similar rally in Olympia, participants raise concerns about legislation that could affect gun owners' rights in the wake of the Dec. 14 school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

“Millions of gun owners killed no one yesterday.”

With signs like that, up to 1,500 people rallied over the weekend in Olympia protesting gun restrictions.

Also in Thurston County, the Sheriff’s Office collected 26 weapons – 16 long guns, 10 handguns – and three five-gallon buckets of ammunition. They also handed out about 70 gun locks.

Second Amendment supporters and gun control activists are making their views known in corner bars, coffee shops, city halls, on social media, and through rallies. (State-by-state report on gun legislation)

Washington Ceasefire will announce the results of the first significant poll on guns and gun laws in this state in eight years on Tuesday.

Wednesday, the Bainbridge Island Council enters the gun debate with a vote on a resolution supporting national efforts to implement stricter regulations on gun ownership and reinstating the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

Looking ahead to Saturday, people who turn in a handgun or rifle to Seattle authorities and you can get a $100 gift card from, $200 card for a classified assault weapon.

This issue is not going away.

Where do you stand in the gun debate?


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