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tanker truck crash
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John Curley wanted ‘more running’ from first responders in tanker crash

A tanker truck lies on its side after crashing Monday morning in Seattle. (WSP)
LISTEN: John Curley reenacts tanker truck crash

There’s no doubt in John Curley’s mind that the first people at the scene of a dramatic tanker truck crash in Seattle on Monday were doing their jobs with urgency. But what about the people who followed?

Chokepoints: You’d be ‘hard-pressed’ to find a worse spot for a crash on I-5

“Do you get the same sense that the rest of the people are moving with urgency?” Curley asked KIRO Radio’s Chris Sullivan.

Sullivan says “yes.” The people who responded to the tanker truck crash on the southbound I-5 collector-distributor lanes were not only dealing with an injury collision involving multiple vehicles, they were doing so under the chance that propane was leaking from the tank the truck was hauling.

Curley isn’t convinced.

“They’re just standing around,” he said. “I want more running.”

Listen John Curley’s dramatic reenactment of the crash in Seattle.

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