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Mark Levin


Russians are invading, screams cable news

Cable news is freaking out about Jeff Sessions and any ties he has to Russia. They constantly have a politician on every minute of every single day. But it is just “a play,” Kabuki theater.

Everyone knows that the Democrats are going to go nuts on Sessions when they book them on to their shows. This constant sense of panic is dangerous.

Jeff Sessions had a conversation with some Russians and now the sky is falling.

Cable TV is just trying to get ratings out of these “controversies”. But when everything is “code red” then nothing is “code red”. It’s outrage drama.

Some of the “evidence” that the news organizations are using are tweets from Democrats. The perfect storm is that Republicans will sprint to a television camera to play their role. And Democrats do the same thing; to attack each other, not on principle, but on party.

Sessions should recuse himself since he worked for the Trump campaign. But these things need to be based on principle. And the media is destroying their credibility.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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