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Father-in-law wasn’t suspected until 28 months after Susan Powell disappeared

Memorial for Susan Powell and her boys Charlie and Braden at Woodbine Cemetery in Puyallup. The memorial was paid for with funds donated to Crime Stoppers of Tacoma/Pierce County. Much of that financial support came from listeners to KIRO Radio's Ron and Don Show(Photo courtesy Ed Troyer)

Utah mom Susan Powell was last seen in December of 2009, but police investigators didn’t start seriously looking at her father-in-law as a possible suspect until April of this year.

Through public records requests the Associated Press has learned more about the Powell investigation and they say “authorities made little effort to explore Steve Powell’s activities after Susan Powell disappeared even though her family has long suggested that he might know something about where she is.”

Instead, police were focused on Susan’s husband Josh Powell. He killed the couple’s two young sons and himself earlier this year. A memorial went up last weekin memory of the boys.

We know from a voyeurism case that sent Steve Powell to prison that he had an extremely sexual and emotional draw to his daughter-in-law.

Powell was convicted of voyeurism involving two neighbor girls. He is currently serving his sentence and could be released as early as May.

AP also discovered he had more than 4,500 images in a folder dedicated to Susan including shots of her out in public, apparently unaware that a camera was focused on her. He wrote in journals that he took sexual pleasure in looking at videos and images he captured of her.

West Valley City police refused an interview on the public records AP has obtained, saying it is still an active investigation.

Earlier this year, one of Steve Powell’s co-workers reported to police she remembered him talking about going on a snowy camping trip with his son and grandchildren in Utah around the time Susan disappeared.

The AP reports Steve Powell did not show up for work for three days after Susan was last seen alive Sunday, December 6 of 2009.


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