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Tom Shillue


The GOP could really blow health care

I left behind a really great and fun career in technology to go to D.C. to help the Republican Party. I went there because I knew Obama was going to try and take over health care.

And now, even with the Republicans in charge of the House and Senate, I think you’re going to see the continuation of Obamacare, renamed. This is a travesty if this comes to pass.

Rand Paul asked for a copy of the new health care bill. And he couldn’t get one because they know he’ll be against it.

If the GOP does this with health care, this will be the final betrayal. If they keep Obamacare as it is, simply with a different name, there will never again be a reason for me to support the Republican Party.

Are there really people involved in the decision making who think that government involvement in health care will help the situation? We now have more paper pushers than people who treat patients.

The free market is what delivers quality increases and price decreases. Government involvement and spending is a guaranteed revenue for crony capitalism. Health care has gotten more expensive with every law passed.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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