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Michael Medved


Are you ready for a world without truth?

(AP file photo)

So the president said over the weekend that the Obama White House tapped Trump Tower. It’s an explosive claim and he should not have tweeted this before having some proof.

But my concern is, are we going to live in a United States where there is no truth to 80 percent of society. People who hate Trump would never believe that Obama could do something like this.

That’s why I want to see proof.

Because 40 percent hate Trump; the other 40 percent hate the media. And in the middle of this are 20 percent of people who can have their opinion swayed.

So now Facebook is going to have a new button. It’s called “disputed news”. Guess who’s going to run it? PolitiFact and Snopesl two organizations with their own biases. And it’s going to work by votes, the number of people who dispute something.

Look at all of the things that have not been “disputed” by Snopes and PolitiFact, including facts around the terrorist who is helping to organize the upcoming Women’s March.

An agenda driven media is leading us to a world without truth. This is what loyalty to the letter R and the letter D is getting us, versus loyalty to principles.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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