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The American Dream has moved north, eh?

We are now in the third national health care debate that I’ve witnessed. And it is a uniquely American debate.

Ross: This is as generous as Trump’s health care bill will get

We are the only developed nation still deeply puzzled about whether citizens should be guaranteed health care.

As this former Canadian diplomat and economist will cheerfully point out, America may not be as great as some say.

“America is still a great country, but when you start taking a look at the numbers, it may not be as great as some of the other countries nearby, including Canada,” Scott Gilmore says.

Gilmore’s latest article says that if America really wants to achieve greatness, it needs to copy Canada, and especially its single-payer health care system.

“One of the greatest barriers to upward mobility in the United States is heath care costs. A broken arm can lead you to living under a bridge and that simply doesn’t happen in Canada, which is why the social mobility in Canada — you’re twice as likely to go to from the poorest to the richest quintile than you are in the United States.”

And as a Canadian conservative, he wants American conservatives to know that equal health care means less government spending.

“If everybody is healthy, if everybody is getting good medical care, we don’t have the exploding costs what the government has to spend on it. And we have a much more thriving workforce and much more thriving economy as a result.”

And you may ask, what’s so different about Canada’s DNA? Nothing.

“Canada, like the United States, was built on this idea that all men were created equal and everyone deserves an equal chance. So we recognized equal care for all and equal medical care for all was an important Canadian value.”

That’s what’s so galling about Canadians. They steal Jefferson’s words and then they take them seriously!

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