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Sasquatch! Music Fest 2013 - Pics

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Local boys, Brothers From Another had energy on top of energy and grins from ear to ear as they bounced back and forth on the Cthulhu stage in front of a pretty sizable crowd this past weekend. I had the chance to chat with the trio - made up of Cole, Isaiah and Beeba - before Sasquatch! weekend and asked them about their fascination with tacos. You see, they have an EP out now called Taco Tuesday and another EP on the horizon called Tacos on Broadway. It seemed only right to wonder and to ask about their apparent taco attraction. In short, the guys said that tacos are cheap and delicious. Which is totally true. My next question, because I am a true music journalist, was to ask if they have ever thrown tacos into an audience. Sadly, they haven't. But, what they have done is thrown Capri Sun drinks into an audience. Which, to me, seems a bit dangerous what with Capri Sun drinks having those straws with one extremely pointy end. What do I know though, I'm just some dude at a computer keyboard trying to think of a clever way to write about Sasquatch! Music Fest. As luck would have it however, this Brothers From Another set at Sasquatch! was, about midway through the set, Capri Sun drink filled. Cole and Isaiah stood at the front of the stage with Capri Sun drinks in hand, held them up to the crowd, said something really important - I'm guessing here as I don't remember what was said - and then began to chuck the Capri Sun drinks into the very accepting crowd. What a show. Oh, I guess I should say something about the music, huh? It was tight and you should buy their records.

Go here to check out Brothers From Another and go here to listen to my chat with the guys.

I also chatted with a few other bands this past weekend, namely ZZ Ward, Nissim, Robert DeLong and P.O.S and you can go here to check it out.

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