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Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is 23-year old Maine-bred, Brooklyn-based Aly Spaltro. After building a following in Portland, ME, Boston and New York, Lady Lamb is introducing herself to the rest of the world. Ba Da Bing released her debut album, Ripely Pine, not too long ago and it's been getting rave reviews from various media outlets including but not limited to Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound and Paste. Give a listen to Lady Lamb's cinematic lyrics over complex structures, and you will find it hard to believe this is a musician who only started teaching herself guitar five years ago in between shifts at a video rental store.

Live, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper's performances are unhinged and unadorned - she plays fierce guitar and sings, careening from hums to screams within seconds with melodies that run rampant, all the while maintaining artistic-control. Presenting her songs' stark rawness, Ripely Pine also excellently conveys that intensity and confidence portrayed on stage - it is a pure representation of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper.

The Crocodile Presents: Torres & Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, Tue, June 18, 7:00pm, $8 Adv

Buy tickets here.

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