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New Music: Malice & Mario Sweet, 'Enjoy:Like:Love'

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Sweetly soulful husband and wife duo Malice & Mario Sweet have recently dropped their sophomore record, Enjoy:Like:Love. If this record is anything, it's smooth. The beats, the rhymes and the attitude make for an album that will have your head bobbing and your body bouncing as you're applying that make-up or sippin' on some brew with the boys as you get ready to go out on the town for the night.

If the couple's debut EP, Happy 2 Year, was a celebration of the joy of 2 years as a unit I believe that Enjoy:Like:Love is the celebration of just how much fun Malice and Mario are having enjoying, liking and loving each other as they look forward to the as of yet unwritten years ahead.

Sean DeTore,
Sean DeTore is the Associate Producer of KIRO Radio's The Ron and Don Show (weekdays 3-7). He's been with the guys for over 7 years.