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the mixtape live: Exclusive Songs from Seattle Bands

I decided to start this blog and accompanying podcast in September of 2009. Over the years, I've been afforded many opportunites and one of those many opportunities has been being able to meet and converse with bands not only from our city of Seattle but also bands from around the nation and the world. It's been pretty awesome, and still is.

One crowning achievement for me happened this past June. I put together a live mixtape concert event in which I coordinated and paid for all by my big boy self. I had a TON of help from friends along the way and of course the bands involved were a giant help with, ya know, making the night a success seeing as it was a live concert event and having music at a concert is kind of an important thing.

Something I decided to put together in addition to all of the other neat-o extras (tee shirts, a raffle, buttons, bad jokes from the stage from yours truely) was a "the mixtape live Vol. 1" CD with cuts from various bands I've had in-studio over the years to play acoustic versions of their songs. I gave out nearly 100 CD's that night and have now, for your pleasure, uploaded many of them to Soundcloud. Stay tuned for "the mixtape live Vol. 2". I hope you dig the tunes.

Thanks, bands, for being talented and kind.

About the Author

Sean DeTore is the Associate Producer of KIRO Radio's The Ron and Don Show (weekdays 3-7). He's been with the guys for over 7 years.


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