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New TV Show "Band in Seattle" to Showcase Seattle Music

Photo: Todd Bradley 2013

So I hear you're looking for another way to get your fill of local music from bands you may not have heard of yet. This blog and podcast isn't enough for ya? I know I don't post as regularly as you might like but I get busy sometimes. I've been depressed. I have low blood sugar. Ok, ok. Enough with the excuses.

Beginning this December 7th a brand new show called "Band in Seattle" will be unveiled on CW11 making your Saturday nights a whole lot cooler.

The show, which is produced by the folks at Victory Studios in Interbay, will air weekly at 11p featuring performances and interviews from up and coming Seattle bands.

Go here to find out more about the TV show, how to get tickets to be in the studio audience and to find out which bands are coming up in the near future.

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Sean DeTore is the Associate Producer of KIRO Radio's The Ron and Don Show (weekdays 3-7). He's been with the guys for over 7 years.


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